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Amar misti Boudi – boudi k choda

I am Ramesh want to tell you my story of love with my sister-in-law. it is a true story. It was when I was just 18 years old. My bhabi was too young and smart, her boobs are too big and her gand (butts) were round like football. I like her gand very much .The story was began when we are living in chennai, my bhabi name is Kalpana . we where four member in a home me, my bhabi, my brother and my bhabi son.

he was just 1year old. One day when my brother was not at home, he went out of station for business purpose for five days. The next day was my school holiday. That was Sunday. I got up in the morning and got ready to go out for play with friend and entered in to bhabi’s room and ask for milk, my bhabi was feeding his baby. I usually see bhabi was giving some thing in anuj mouth but what I did not no, what was that. Anuj is my bhabi son. when asked for milk my bhabi said (tum roj kis ka doodh pite ho ) I did not no why bhabi was asking all this. I said cow’s milk. Bhabi said ajj kise ka piyoge. I told cow ka hi. she said with a smile on her face – nahi ajj tum mere doodh piyoge and took her another boob out and told me to suck it. I said no, then she said it is very tasty, see anuj is also drinking. Then I went near to her boobs and taking nipple in the mouth and start sucking. she asked me to press her boob so I get more milk. I said ok and start pressing her big boob. After some time when Anuj fall asleep, she got up and sat down beside me and then she gave me her nipple in my mouth again I started sucking it. It was very tasty and sweet. Then my bhabi kept her hand on my pant and started pressing my lund, it was erected by her pressing I was enjoying it then, bhabi told me its enough now go I told bhabi that no I want your milk more it is tasty then bhabi told if u want it more u have to obey me. I said ok, I said that because I liked her hand on my cock Ii drunk some more of her milk and then I got up then bhabi told me to sit here and then told me to do what ever she says. Ii said ok, then she told me to lie down and when I laid down, she came near me and started pressing my chest then my Lund and kissed me on my lips and then she removed all my clothes one by one. Then she lied down next to me and ordered me to press her boobs and then her pussy. Then I kissed her on her lips and put my tongue in her mouth, she also put her tongue in my mouth then she asked me to take her clothes off I started to take her clothes off. Firstly took of her saree then when I started removing her jacket she asked me what is this I told her that this is your shirt she said it is her blouse, I said ok then I removed her petticoat she again asked me what is this I did not say anything then she told me it is petticoat then she started showing her bra this is bra and this is panty then when we both were naked she told me about her and mine body sexy part this is lund for which a women is fan of this and showing her chute she said this is chute this are boobs this is gand and informed me that men are fan for all these things. I was amused by all these new stuff. She told me that she will play a game with me today, I said ok. Then she too me on her body and start pressing me and I also started pressing her then she started sucking my lund. I never felt anything like that before, it was out of this world. She asked me to lick and suck her hairy chute which I started to suck. she was telling me the bad words and pressing my head into her chute and screaming oh uh ahhhhpls – do it – suck it – ahh suck all my chute ka rus – mere jan – mere pati ke bhai apne bhabi ko pyare de kha ja meri chute ko ahhh uhhuh hhhaha uhuhuh. After that she told me to be in the position of 69 – I asked how ? she turned around my lund and her chute is on my mouth I started licking and sucking her chute. she too was sucking my lund. We both were moaning like a dog uh ahh bhabi ahh raja mere jaan ohht then bhabi told me to put my lund in her chute. I had no idea what she was talking about. She grabbed my lund and put it in and then told me to be up and down I started the same way then after 20 minute I feel to go toilet I asked bhabi I want to go to toilet she told me to do inside of her chute I do not no that it was my cum that time after giving all my cum in to the bhabi chute she told that it is not your pee it is cum in your bhabi chute and then said that u know the name of this game I said no then she told ise chodan kahate hain tum ne ajj apani bhabi ko choda hai tum jab bade hoge apani biwi ko chodo ge jaise muje choda hai . Then told me that u should not tell any body about this game between u and me otherwise I will not allow u to play again with me, I agreed that I will not tell any body then I told her meri bhabi darling u don’t know I use to steal ur pantys and smell e time and ur bras she said oh ur naughty then she showed me a book of nude pic in which there were one women and three man and in other pic I saw one man and two women after that many pic I seen in that book in one of the pic I seen that a man is putting his lund in the ass hole I ask bhabi she said tum bhi gand marna chate ho I said yes then she again undressed me and herself and started kissing my cock and my ass then I also kissed her ass hole and then she bring some cream and apply it on her ass hole and my lund and told me this is my first experience of fucking ass ok do it I put my lund in her gand then started fucking her and by one hand I press her big boobs making direction on her mouth so her milk fall on her mouth and the other hand is on her cunt rubbing her cunt and putting finger in his cunt after some shot I started moaning oh bhasbi iii oh uh I am cumming in ur gand ahh bhabi also started moaning ahh aja mer jan ahh umm oh then I filled his gand with my cum. after that I have fucked her cunt and gand many more time. when ever I got time. once my cousin came to over house and seen me fucking bhabi and black mail me to [censor] her and I was ready for the new chute of my cousin.